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The philosophy of Nine Teaching is to promote sustainable resilience through flexible learning pathways.. Our programmes focus upon how we respond to human difficulties and distress, to increase self awareness and to develop skills in supporting others.


Each teaching programme is organised into a series of three themes: the trauma and grief series, the self and body series and coaching for growth series.


Every event has consistent teaching methods; to deliver the latest thinking in academic research, promote self awareness, and emotional intelligence and develop skills to help others. Despite delving into areas of  adversity in life, all series content is informed by the latest ideas about the human potential for resilience and post-traumatic growth. 


Due to to the challenges of Covid-19 we have moved all of our teaching onto an online platform, to offer you the opportunity to flexibly engage with your learning via three routes:


Nine Teaching Live

Nine Teaching Live events are our most comprehensive and intensive learning programmes. These are interactive, full or half day webinars that are streamed live.  Nine Teaching Live events embody the highly experiential and interactive philosophy of Nine Teaching. To facilitate this, we retain our commitment to small group teaching to provide a dynamic, yet intimate reflective space for your learning to take place.  All Nine Teaching Live events are strictly limited to groups of 8 or less, and are particularly suited to those already working within health and social care settings.



Nine Teaching On Demand

Nine Teaching On Demand is a video streaming service  that over time will offer a range of recordings of  our shorter events of up to one to two hours,  allowing you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.  We are currently developing our On Demand library, and these sessions will appeal to anyone who has an interest in the subject area. All content will be available from July 20.


Nine Teaching On Demand for Organisations

Nine Teaching On Demand for Organisations offers content that is tailored towards helping your business to develop healthy, emotionally intelligent and  resilient workplaces.  Launching June 2020 we are offering an initial Covid-19 recovery package with content to support you in holding compassionate conversations with your employees around grief, anxiety and fear and raising resilience.


Nine Teaching Bytes

Nine Teaching Bytes are short 15-20 minute presentations that offer an introduction to developing emotional intelligence, in areas such as learning to manage difficult emotions, stress reduction and raising resilience. These sessions will benefit individuals looking to learn about self development and can also be a useful resource for organisations seeking to support the ongoing wellbeing of their staff.



If you are an organisation, please visit our Organisational pages to see a sample of wider training. that we offer as live events. We specialise in the promotion of healthy, emotionally intelligent and resilient workplaces, and helping you to reduce occupational trauma and burnout. We also consult on the design and implementation of bespoke packages to meet your individual requirements.

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