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Nine Wellbeing Philosophy

Promoting sustainable resilience


The philosophy of Nine Wellbeing is to recognise you as an individual, to help you to explore any adversity or barriers that you face, and to facilitate your potential for growth through sustainable change.


During the challenges of Covid-19, the values of Nine Wellbeing have remained steadfast, to continue to promote sustainable resilience as widely as possible.


Working in collaboration with Wirral University Hospital Trust and the Mersey School of Surgery Deanery, I developed a free programme of emotional self care for all NHS staff.


I believe that our ongoing recovery as a society from the grief and trauma inflicted by Covid-19 requires a collective response in supporting one other.


I have introduced a supportive self help area within Nine Wellbeing and I offer the full, downloadable NHS emotional self help programme of webinar, support handbook and podcast free of charge to anyone who may need help during this time, and beyond.


Further, I recognise that individual psychotherapy and coaching is not equally available to all for many reasons, and so I have developed an accessible, low-cost resilience-informed guided self help package, to support you in sustainably developing your own resilience, no matter where you are, and whatever your circumstances.

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