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What we do

Welcome to Nine Teaching.


Our philosophy is about promoting sustainable resilience for individuals, professionals and organisations through learning, leadership and growth.

We deliver a range of teaching programmes.

Nine Teaching LIVE offers in-person events. Small workshops of 9 delegates or less. Each event is organised into a series of themes: trauma, grief and resilience, mental health essentials and coaching for growth.Most  LIVE events are open to all and you can book directly.

We offer a Workplace Wellbeing Series, which are bespoke packages of organisational training. In-House or hosted by us, and commissioned by the organisation. A selection of our sample workshops are listed at Nine Teaching LIVE.

Nine Teaching also delivers Association for Coaching accredited training for anyone who wants to train to become a professional coach.


Working with a multi-disciplinary team of facilitators, our programmes focus upon leading through adversity and distress, to increase our emotional intelligence and develop skills in supporting others.

All Nine Teaching programmes encompass consistent teaching methods to deliver the latest thinking in academic research, to promote self awareness, and emotional intelligence and develop skills to help others. Despite delving into addressing  adversity, all series content is informed by the latest ideas about the human potential for resilience and post-traumatic growth. 


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Nine Teaching


Nine Teaching Live events are intensive and interactive full or half day workshops.

Nine Teaching Live in-house events are delivered to small groups only with less then 9 delegates per session.

If you are looking to train as a coach you will find all the  details of the Association for Coaching Accredited programme on the Nine Teaching Live pages.


Nine Teaching

On Demand

Nine Teaching On Demand is a video streaming library containing brief, bespoke educational animated explainers.


Join us as a Nine Teaching member, and you will receive access to the entire evolving on-demand visual educational resources.

You can join as a Nine Teaching Member via our Members page.

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