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Welcome to Nine Wellbeing.

During 2005, a number of years following my own experience of traumatic bereavement, I took the first tentative step towards training to become a counsellor. 


In the subsequent 15 years, I have been privileged to have spent many hours as an accredited Cruse volunteer bereavement counsellor, followed by 11 years working in NHS services, initially as a primary care counsellor and then delivering psychotherapy in specialist eating disorder services. I have also enjoyed an academic career lecturing in Counselling & Psychotherapy on the Master's Programmes at the Universities of Keele and Chester.  Since 2017 I have also held a strategic role with the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapy (BACP) working in Professional Standards and leading on the development of national competencies within counselling and psychotherapy.


Throughout this time, my academic interest and individual therapy practice has focused upon seeking to understand resilience and the potential for post traumatic growth arising from adverse experiences, and in particular grief and traumatic bereavement.


During 2013 I established my first therapy practice 'Rooms @ No.9' in Greasby, which has since grown into Nine Wellbeing, and relocated to West Kirby. Based on my personal, academic and therapeutic philosophy Nine Wellbeing is founded upon the values of promoting sustainable resilience. It is also a key principle of Nine Wellbeing to make help available in many forms, as I recognise that for a variety of reasons not everyone can or wants to  access individual counselling or psychotherapy. Therefore, I have developed some free and low cost guided self help resources to support the development of individual resilience.

If you are someone who is struggling with aspects of your life in terms of grief and loss, or considering counselling to help you to work through difficult, potentially traumatic experiences, and/or your relationship with yourself and others, I have written the pages about trauma, grief and relationships in the hope that they may help you to reach some understanding, and help you to move forward.

Finally, if you are seeking individual counselling or psychotherapy with me here at Nine Wellbeing, you can be assured that you will be treated with compassion and respect and that your therapy will be informed by the highest quality and ethical standards.



Nicola Forshaw, Director, MA, Bacp Reg. (Accred.)

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