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Fri, Jun 05
Online event
Grief and loss in the time of Covid-19
During this session we will discuss the devastation of Covid-19 and how the grief response may or may not be served by traditional models of grief. We will also explore how losing someone we love to Covid-19 may impact different cultural expressions of mourning
Fri, Jun 12
Online event
Traumatic grief
Responding to traumatic grief is an intensive training which identifies more complex or traumatic grief reactions. We will in particular explore the impact of Covid-19.
Fri, Jun 19
Online event
Understanding trauma
This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in trauma, and we will discuss the Covid-19 'pre-traumatic condition' and what this means for society. This session presents an overview of trauma and how the brain and body responds to traumatic events.
Fri, Jun 26
Online event
Working with attachment
Disruption to our attachments is significant in trauma and traumatic loss and underpins many behavioural and emotional responses. The event will benefit anyone seeking to learn about how our early attachments shape us in adult life.
Thu, Jul 02
'Un-medicating' the Nation
Approximately one in six adults in the UK are prescribed antidepressant medications. In this session we will look at the side effects and understand how to support clients who are discontinuing these treatments. Session led by consultant psychiatrist.
Thu, Jul 16
Trauma and medication
An overview of the role and impact of psychiatric medication in trauma and PTSD. We will also discuss the interaction of medication with psychological therapy. Session facilitated by consultant psychiatrist.
Sold Out
Fri, May 22
Online event
Banishing burnout
Discover the early warning signs of burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Co-hosted by yoga teacher. We use yoga, mindfulness and education to benefit restoration.
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