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Personal performance coaching

Personal Performance Programme


Personal Performance Programme what to expect


A personal performance coaching programme consists of a consultation session plus three sessions of individual coaching.



Your initial consultation session is a ‘visioning’ session where we explore your ideas, start to shape up your goals, reality test your motivation and begin to explore the barriers you face in achieving your outcomes.  This session also allows us to ensure that coaching is the right intervention for you, at this time. Alternatives will be discussed with you it seems that coaching may  not be right for you, right now.


You will leave this session with a clear vision of what you are aiming to achieve.


What to expect following the visioning session


All sessions will focus on encouraging you to make visible behavioural changes to progress you towards your goals. Exploration may take the form of visualisation, role play and other creative methods of exploration. Coaching is not simply a variation of talking therapies, it is a highly experiential process, which draws much inspiration from sports psychology.


Between sessions you will work on progressing action towards your goals.  At subsequent follow up sessions you will describe the impact and the progress you are making. Your coach will help you to reflect upon your progress and will challenge you in a supportive way if visible change is not occurring. This is where we may encounter limiting beliefs, and these will be identified and reality-tested. You will continually be re-directed towards your vision to help you to recognise the steps that you need to take and to optimise your progress.


What to expect at the end of a personal performance programme


As we reach the end of a personal performance programme, you will have reached your goals, or you will be making significant progress with enhanced motivation. A key feature of coaching is that it is a brief intervention that teaches you to become your own coach, it acts as a launchpad to springboard you towards any longer term goals. You may be ready to end here, or you may want to continue with some irregular ‘top up’ sessions to help to keep you on track, or to work towards new goals. If this is the case to reward your commitment of having completing a programme, any subsequent sessions will be offered to you at a preferential rate.


Pricing of a personal performance programme


A personal performance programme includes a visioning session, followed by 3 monthly follow up sessions. The price is £850 for a programme.


The price of a single coaching session or consultation is £250.


If you have completed the personal performance programme and you choose to have top up sessions you will qualify for a preferential personal performance discounted session rate to recognise your ongoing commitment.





Nicola is a qualified and highly experienced coach, whose individual coaching services have  evolved into inspiring others to train as coaches, and the delivery of bespoke Association for Coaching endorsed coach training programmes within private, health & corporate sectors. Nicola has extensive experience of introducing coaching into medicine and training Senior Consultants in coaching skills, and delivers stimulating and dynamic 1:1 personal coaching programmes at an individual and corporate level. If you are seeking coaching training, you will find out more about Association for Coaching coach training programmes at Nine Teaching.


Nicola Forshaw, Director, MA, Bacp Reg. (Accred.)

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